Feedback from participants of our workshops

Local Repairs on Iron Gall Ink Workshop in Canberra  (Australia) 2016

“Very relevant and explained in an easy to understand way!”

“Great technique in an easy-to-follow format. Really clear instruction from both the presenters (including by Skype in the middle of the night from Europe!) and the short videos. Great dedication-thanks!”

“Insightful and utterly useful!”

“Excellent and well-organized workshop. The materials and techniques used were great. There was a balance between theory and practice.”

“I’m excited to get working using the gelatin remoistenable technique-and to share with colleagues.”

Local Repairs on Iron Gall Ink Workshop in London (UK) 2015

“Perfect combination of science, theory and practical sessions, which has made me feel more confident in selecting a suitable approach to iron gall ink repair.”

“Well planned, informative, fun, with a take home pack and presentation available electronically.”

“Tremendous fun and very practical. I loved the adhesive game!”

“A great, hand on, clear course. We need more courses like this one please!”

Local Repairs on Iron Gall Ink Workshop in Wermsdorf (Germany) 2011

‘’ Fulfills all the requirements for our current conservation problems’’

‘’Now I can make the ink bleeding (to see the effect of iron spreading) to evaluate how much moisture I have to use’’