Program 1 day workshop

Local repairs on Iron Gall Ink

The workshop is dedicated to making remoistenable tissue and using it for local repairs on iron gall ink documents, while testing yourself with the Dutch Fe-migration test. The morning is used to explain about iron gall ink and its degradation. Also the use of different adhesives for local repairs will be discussed. Subsequently, in the practical part, participants will prepare their own remoistenable tissue with different Japanese papers and adhesives. After lunch the use of different indicator papers and their possible use in controlling repairs will be discussed. Also how and what to repair with remoistenable tissue will be explained using a large number of examples. We end by extensively practicing local repairs on iron gall ink, using the Dutch Fe-migration mending test and the sponge-blotter system.

This workshop aims for participants to learn how to implement this specific repair technique with optimal control. All participants of the workshop will receive a “how-to” package containing all the materials necessary to apply this technique directly in their own studio.



Theoretical part 1:

Introduction on iron-gall ink and its degradation.

Discussion of different methods and adhesives, which are commonly used in paper conservation

Practical part 1:

Making of remoistenable tissue


Theoretical part 2:

Risks and control of iron-gall ink degradation, indicator papers.

Examples of local repairs on iron gall ink using remoistenable tissue.

Practical part 2:

Making repairs using remoistenable tissue, different adhesives and indicator paper.